Monday, September 19, 2005

Handing Off

I've been working too hard on this to keep up physically. This gryphon ain't as young as he used to be and these wings are getting tired, so for a while, I am handing off things to Deb Wil over at Mail Drop.

Don't underestimate this gal by any means---she can run a fantastic operation & has a solid crew backing her up. Anything you'd want to send to SciFi, Fantasy and Gamers Hurricane Relief Effort, go on ahead and send to her outfit. I vouch personally.

And, well, if anyone wants a job as my personal assistant, please let me know. You'll have what I've got to offer. Housekeeper, handyman, cook, mailout handler... Misty and I are just pushing ourselves too hard, to take care of these things on our own. Gay/bi/kink/whatever friendly, it's all good; no stoners or boozers; must be cheerful, proactive, compassionate. GMs/gamers esp. welcome. I'm not at all too proud to ask for help. Too focussed, intense, busy, exhausted, or stupid, sure, but not too proud. Spirit's willing, flesh is weak, resolve is strong, brain is squishy. :)

I will be Art GoH at FenCon in Dallas this weekend, and will hopefully do some good there. I'll be selling some things I normally wouldn't, to help with the Salvation Army fundraiser there.

And thank you so very, very much for being concerned and supportive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do good at the con, you have always been great in front of the fans and I'm sure you still are.

Carisma personified...

Dusty Rhoades

5:10 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

...must be cheerful...

Damn. (rips up her resume)

I'm sure you'll find someone awesome, Larry. Awesome attracts awesome. It's just a law of the universe.

8:11 PM  
Anonymous AutoJim said...

Okay, I have to tell a Larry story here. It's relevant because it has a lot to do with how he acts in front of fans. Couple years ago, I brought the wife and stepdaughter out to High Flight to meet Misty & Larry. My wife had been there before, but the kid hadn't. And she was expecting these big-name author types to be Celebrities. Limosines, entourages, etc.

What she got was High Flight in all its "too busy with Important Stuff to clean things up" glory, and the Misty and Larry we all know and love: delightfully eccentric, and incredibly well-grounded and unpretentious. I guess there was a bit of an entourage: Paul the Captive Brit joined us at Goldie's Patio Grill for dead cow, artfully cooked over open flames.

That's just the way they are.


1:09 PM  
Anonymous RowanGolightly said...

I've talked to the friend that I mentioned to you and she is cautiously interested....I'll get back with you after you return.

Be good to yourself, ok?


8:38 AM  

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