Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ahhh life's balances.

It's something that's plagued me all my life---the more I actually DO, the less time there is to do much ABOUT it. Dig it: I only have enough concentration, inspiration, physical stamina and ability to either do new artwork, market the artwork, or find new art jobs. Pick one of the three.
Here I am in the same situation.
I'm on the phone doin' stuff, I'm coordinatin' top speed, and still trying to make my book contract deadlines... which leaves me doing a lot, but not with a lot of time to do these updates. And people want the updates! What's to be done?
I'm exhausted but it's been worth it.
Never needed an assistant, secretary or apprentice more in my life though.
I did take a little time off early last night (yeah only 12 hrs on it!). Took the cockatoos with me to the bedroom, where they let me have some of my Lunchables. Read comic books and fell asleep a couple of hours earlier than I have been, waking to find a cockatoo standing on my head. They do that sometimes.
I was out today mailing out care packages to some of the fans & their families who have stationary addresses, and at the UPS drop I met a woman who escaped Katrina, driving nonstop with her husband & medical-companion dog until they reached Claremore Oklahoma. Why? Her grandfather used to live here and she remembered it had friendly people.
I gave her my watch after I saw her check her wrist and mutter, "My watch is on the nightstand in Metairie..."
They're staying the Days Inn nearby & don't have a lot, so I'll fix'em up with a buncha stuff tomorrow.
Fans & their families are getting sorted out pretty well. Got word from the good folks up at the Kansas City Renfaire that they've got six bags of good clothes & all, and are doing a benefit show soonish. Susi Matthews and Queens Gambit are doing a sterling job & will be dropping the stuff off with us.
At this point, I have had no less than sixteen friends & loved ones tell me I am pushing myself too hard, so I am going to throttle back and let the intercoolers chill the mix. I shall now fix a Coke Classic over crushed ice in my well-known battered old steel mug with the Lotus Motorcars logo on it, eat massive amounts of roast beef and garlic potatos, watch a bit of TV, then work on the Superman prestige essay due Monday.
More news when it comes in.


Anonymous wendyz said...

Make that 7 bags! I'm bringing another one down on Friday.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Rowan Golightly said...

Yeah, and more to come from this weeks giving...I think we're gonna rent a truck to bring it all back!

Susi M.

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dusty Rhoades here, Good on you to recharge a bit. You've done a lot for the folks and deserve a bit of a rest. Get that deadline met!!!

Dont make me come back and stuff sandwitches into you again!

Good job on the whole dealeo mang.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Khadagan said...

Roast beef and garlic potatoes sounds like good recharge food. Enjoy!!!
Hugs -- Khadagan

8:09 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...


Take care, Larry. One must always take time to drink a tasty beverage from one's favorite mug once in a while.

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Nambroth said...

Good, take some Larry time. I'd hate to be forced into coming down there just to yell at you to get some rest and have some time for yourself.

7:25 PM  

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