Monday, September 12, 2005

Operation Mail Drop

Deborah Wil is kickin' butt an' takin' names--- More specifically, kickin' the butt of misery and takin' names of who can get their lives fixed up 'right well.

Here's good stuff to consider, y'all!

Hi Larry,
Things are happening very fast now. Help of all kinds are flowing in from the fan network - my God, people are so creative, generous and so eager to help. Here's what's happening.
Steve Bennett: is collecting toys and kids clothing.
Davy Beauchamp: Is working on an anthology book proceeds to go the survivors of Katrina in fandom.
Diane Galloway: Is updating the survivor list daily.
Bob Rosenberg; Is donating his time and efforts to keep the Operation Mail Drop site updated (Daily) and the submission forms working smoothly.
Uncle Timmy from Liberty Con, Who does a weekly online newsletter has added the Operation Mail Drop letter to his Newsletter and is publishing the survivors list.
Romance Writers of America (Members 300,000 strong) has published the OMD letter and many are sending care packages.
Romance Writers of America Paranormal Club: Published the letter on their e-mail chat list.
MobiCon is publishing the OMD letter as well.

These folks have their op wired tight. They're competent, effective, and efficient!

So head on over to and scope out what they're doing. My little effort here's a peashooter compared to their Mighty Cannon of Generosity! (man, I love talking like The Tick)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Albuquerque, where all the survivors who were airlifted here have been housed already. If there are people still in various refugee-camp-like situations and someone can get them out, I can house one or two people (a woman or a couple). I can even help with transportation costs. Must be cool with cats: I have two.

Patricia Mathews


1:39 PM  
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