Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mugging For Happy Endings

Kristi, AKA Purple Jade, is an outstanding artist in a very special field---modern tiki design. Kristi & her family were hit badly by Katrina but in the fierce artistic spirit of the Polynesians she refuses to give up!

Her first new design in production since Katrina is NOW available at:
and the proceeds will go to helping her family rebuild. They're good folks and you'd help a bunch by nabbing a couple.

These would make *way cool* holiday gifts for the Hawaiian-Shirt-Wearing kool kats in your life. :)

This is a pre-sale! Get'em now! Now! Now! Zoom! Whoosh!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Keep On Truckin' .....

Whew! Long time since the last update. Health is improving, and packages keep getting sent out --- 93 more pounds yesterday, in 8 boxes to individuals and families. I believe this brings us up to 2233 pounds sent.

Luckily now people have first-tier essentials sorted out, and we can work on quality-of-life packages. Toys! Movies! Comics! Stuffies! Books!

We now have enough info on the people on our list that we can target material that they'll definitely like: who's a Star Wars fan, who wants Trek stuff, who's a gamer or comics fan, and even what types they prefer.

Another special thanks to everyone who has pitched in -- from helping us sort, bag, stack and shelve things, to those who help tape up boxes and fill out mailers. And just as much thanks to those who have given things to send! Way to go!