Friday, October 14, 2005

The Kind Of Thing We're Up To

Here's today's inventory at High Flight, from the past 2 weeks' buying, collection and general scavenging:
36 bottles hair conditioner
9 cans red pepper
16 lg bottles ketchup
12 bottles mustard
16 bottles ranch dressing
36 tins Altoids
16 cans pink salmon
12 cans mushrooms
16 packs pasta
6 cans spag/meatballs
60 scrub pads
16 cans Ajax
12 rolls foil
3x 5lb cat food
16 cans moist cat food
36 packs cookies
3 cans brownbread
30 matchbooks
12 packs tissues
3 rolls duct tape
8 boxes matches
2 dog food lids
4 packs albacore tuna
4 blankets
new toaster oven in box
new microwave oven in box
16 sippee-cups (filled w/candy)
24 pair mens socks
24 pair childrens socks
12 pair womens socks
lg golf and tee shirts
6 tubes cortaid
12 pks waterproof band-aids
6 pks maxipads
6 bottles pepto
12 bottles acetominephin
6 bottles robitussen
4 packs nyquil caps
2x24ct Tyson chicken snack sticks
24ct kippered beef snacks
9 boxes gournet teabags
60 chocchip/dbl choc muffins
4 lg babywipes boxes
3 cases Atkins Bars (360 total)
3 boxes Potato Buds
2 very large bags pizza/pasta sauce
8 very large bags cheddar cheese sauce
400+ Wal-Mart bags
5 adult office jackets / pantsuits
3 luggage (fullsize)
110 lbs books & comics
160 lbs adult & childrens clothing
96 custom DVD-Rs
6 pks action figures
18 pks modeling clay
4v lg arts & crafts paint kits
AAA & C batteries
various clips & zipties
5 LED flashlights
22 lbs candy
2 clip lamps
knee brace
brillo pads
5 lgs puzzles
adhesive, gluesticks, tape
various toys & kooshballs

About a third of that went out today. 369 pounds.


Anonymous Khadagan said...

That's an...interesting...list.

Is there anything you need in particular? I've got several many books up for grabs -- got any clue where to send them?

Hugs -- K

8:13 PM  
Blogger Gryphon King said...

Hey there Big K, good to hear from you again. We're using Operation Mail Drop for the distribution now---they have a supern managing structure & warehousing. If people are within, say, a hundred miles of Claremore OK we are fine with them dropping things by here and we'll mail them out, but any further away than that and you may as well send them on to OMD. :)

9:45 PM  
Blogger JPH said...

Wow that is some list, and "only" 369 pounds?!

Fandom is so kewl :)

11:40 AM  

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