Sunday, October 09, 2005

Good News

One thing about writing IOUs to your body---eventually they get cashed in. Now I don't get a lot of choice in slowing down. *laugh* Well, what can I say. There is good news this time!

A gamer/fan family was displaced just before their son was going to run his first D&D game; with the rest of their possessions (it's terrible how so much loss can be summed up in so few words) their gaming books & files were lost. They've had to find new housing, new work, and their son wound up in a new school with none of his old friends.

He searched for RPG players at the new school, and found a few.

Along with a care package, I sent them new D&D materials a few weeks ago. I got word that Thursday night, he ran his first D&D game. His mother told me that the house was full of laughter and good times.

That's what we're all about, we fans and gamers supporting each other. Thank you every one of you for pitching in.


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