Monday, October 17, 2005

An Unacceptable Situation

This just in from one of the fans in Metairie. Name witheld by request.


The apartment complex has emptied my apartmant & gutted it. ____ & I were able to save a few things, but artwork, photos, plants, clothes, shoes, etc. are all gone. All my Tulane stuff in my armoire gone, my work shirts gone, my Blue Star & Patrol plaques - GONE! Cleaned out by some company the complex hired. I got no notice, no warning-NOTHING. I left them a note telling them I wanted to stay & left all my & ___'s cell numbers & Baton Rouge numbers & Address-not a peep from them. I have tried calling, but to no avail. We heard the complexes in Fat City [where I used to live] were evicting tenants & gutting perfectly fine apartments & were planning on going condo.


In the meantime, she has received a new toaster, coffeemaker, bedding, slippers, blankets, socks, clothes, toiletries, towels, full kitchenware & place settings, music & DVDs, tabletop grill, and health goods for her elderly mother from us to help restart things---but those keepsakes, callously bulldozed into a landfill by now, can not be recovered. It's kicking someone who's already down. It is emotionally devastating on top of the horror already faced. And that infuriates me.

In a word---what happened there is unacceptable. This situation will not stand.


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